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Cannabis which is also known as marijuana, Mary Jane, Ganga, weed, hash, or Buddha is a plant intended for medical use. The plant originated from Central and South Asia, it grows wild throughout many tropical and humid parts of the world, and there are three different types of cannabis:

1. Cannabis Sativa.Sativa is a plant that grows up to 15 feet long; it has narrow, long and dainty leaves. This makes the plant perfect to grow outdoor. However, it takes time to grow and can also be affected by shifting light cycles.

2. Cannabis Indica.Indica is bushy with healthy round leaves and grows between 3 and 6 inches, Indica is perfect for growing indoors and grows much faster than Sativa.

3. Cannabis Ruderalis.Cannabis ruderalis is a short plant which grows between 20 to 25 inches, the plant has thick foliage and is mostly found in the Northern parts of the world
Interesting fact.

Did you know, The first product ever bought and sold over the internet was a bag of cannabis sold around 1971.

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