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Sativa Marijuana Seeds

The seeds of Sativa plant are rich in amino acids and fatty acids, which are beneficial in our body. Sativa seeds provide vegetable protein in a good proportion and is easily digestible form. These seeds provide essential oils which are very important in your body for healthy body and energy.

Sativa seeds grow into tall and thin plants (even ranging as high as 20 to over 25 feet) with distinctly narrower leaves that are lighter green in color. The plants grow quickly but take a longer time to mature. It follows that as Sativa strains require more light, they have to be grown outdoors only.

Some people swear that the stimulating Sativa plant can spark brain activity leading to an unprecedented flow of creative ideas and innovation! Accordingly, it is primarily used to increase focus and creativity, generate a feeling of well-being, treat nausea and even to counteract depression. Sativa buds can stimulate the appetite, but care should be taken as it may even lead to hallucinations at times.

Sativa plant is considered by most people to suitable for consumption at waking hours of the day!

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