Lesser Known Facts About the Scheduled I Drug!

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Lesser Known Facts About the Scheduled I Drug!


Often regarded as a high class drug, Cannabis or Marijuana is a flower bearing plant from the family of Cannabaceae. The three most significant species of the lot are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. It is mostly found to grow in the soils of the Indian subcontinent, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Netherlands, California and Central Asia.

Other than drug purposes, Cannabis also yield hemp fiber and oil. Along with that it is important for us to know about the fact that marijuana has got a lot of medicinal benefits and values. This is a lesser known fact. It is considered to be a drug because of the presence of the psychoactive constituent, THC. But of course, addiction is definitely bad!

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Cannabis is a natural medicine to a number of diseases and disorders, as researches and studies of recent times bring out:

· Depression and anxiety

· Alzheimer’s

· Glaucoma

· Nausea

· Cancer

· Arthritis

· Epilepsy

· Parkinson’s disease

· Reduces the pain of Multiple Sclerosis

· Crohn’s Disease

· Helps cure PTSD


This oil, unlike marijuana oil is non-psychoactive hemp oil, does not let one indulge in “getting high”. THC content is as low as 3% in this oil. CBD oil is beneficial for drug withdrawal symptoms and for people who is tending to quit smoking. Other than that, CBD oil acts as a productive neuroprotective agent.

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